PLC Systems

Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) is the technology with which a machine or an entire electrical installation is operated and monitored. The PLC is the heart of the electrotechnical system and makes the link between the software and the mechanical components of the installation, such as electronic, hydraulic and pneumatic switching components.

Functional description

The PLC software is developed on the basis of a functional description in which the project requirements are clearly specified. A good functional description is an essential step for both the development of the PLC and SCADA software and the future management and maintenance of it. In addition, we thus ensure that the operating system connects seamlessly with the preferences of the client.

Fail-safe system

In nearly every industry, it is important that a system always keeps running. Downtime costs money. In larger installations, multiple PLCs are linked to each other, or they are built in using a fail-safe set-up in order to provide greater operation certainty.

High quality

Gooiland Elektro delivers high-quality, certified products. We often work with PLC systems of Siemens and Omron, but can utilize any preferred brand in your system.

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Fail safe

“In order to prevent expensive downtime, we design a fail-safe system for you in which multiple PLCs are linked to each other.

Contact us soon, and we will make a no-obligation appointment to map your preferences and requirements.”

Michel van de Pol

Software Engineer

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