Switch boxes

The switch box contains the main circuits of the electrical installation. Motors, pumps and heaters are started and stopped from the switch box. Usually, these circuits are controlled by the PLC from the control box. Switch boxes often consist of a copper rail system, motor starters, relays and frequency regulators and/or soft starters.

In-house production

Every panel and switch box is built in our own shop by our own specialists, entirely according to the preferences of the client and relevant norms and regulations. Factors like dust, humidity, vibrations, explosions and electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) are taken into account in the design.

Custom-built for your project

Gooiland Elektro builds switch boxes in any desired shape, size and colour. In addition, we take into account all the specifications in the area of coding, materials, ventilation, lighting and EX zones. We can also produce Control/Starter Panels, in which the controls and the switches are merged into one panel.

More information about switch boxes

Contact us for more information about switch boxes and recommendations for your automation project.

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In-house production

"We produce all systems in our own workshop in any desired shape, size and colour.

Contact us for more information about control boxes and recommendations for your automation project."

Kwok Lam


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