Installation & Commissioning

With extensive experience as an electrotechnical installer in diverse sectors, Gooiland Elektro is able to carry out every project perfectly from design to installation and placement in service. Thanks to good project management and experienced professionals, hundreds of kilometres of cable and numerous electrotechnical components are installed within the agreed time frame. This results in a properly functioning and reliable system.

A perfectly working system

Our team of start-up technicians ensure that all electrotechnical and automation systems are functioning properly. All systems are carefully placed into service and, in order to guarantee the reliability of the system, the installation is tested, set and put through a trial run on the basis of the technical specifications and control and records lists. Your personnel will then be instructed so that they can use the installation in a user-friendly way.

Want more information about installation and placement into service?

For more information about the installation of your electrotechnical system, you can always contact us.

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Reliable installation

"For the expert installation of your electrical system, you can count on our professionals. Your system will be tested and set in order to guarantee a reliable installation.

Contact us for a no-obligation appointment to map your preferences."

Johan de Graaf

Project Manager Yachts

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Motor Yacht Azzam

Gooiland Elektro delivered the HVAC controls for the world’s longest motor yacht.
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Windcat Workboats

Gooiland Elektro delivered the control technology for the main motors of Windcat Workboats.
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Offshore Windmill Park Luchterduinen

Gooiland Elektro provided the HVAC controls for the cooling of the transformer station for windmill park Luchterduinen.
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